ac-get is a package manager for ComputerCraft.


The idea is, instead of a single massive repository, content and script creators make their own repos, on their own servers and hosting things, and ac-get treats them as equals. In this vein, the only package currently in the “base” repo is ac-get itself. Repos are fully documented in the docs

Can has?

Yes, Yes you can! You can get it from the download page

What about the sauce?

While previously I was too focused on getting it functional, and where I wanted it, I have since gotten it there, and now wish to share the source code with the world. I ask that you do not make a fork without proper attribution, but for more of that legal mumbo-jumbo see the license

The source code is available on the DarkDNA gitlab setup

Halp it broked!

To report bugs, please see the Contact Us Page.